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4 thoughts on “Contact David”

  1. Hey David,

    I recently come along to your study materials. Mind is blown. I knew about the counterfeit Israel….and that they represent the synagauge of Satan, but what I have always been that if they are false, then why does this 7 year peace treaty even matter?? That basically means the beast or antichrist, would be making a treaty with his own people….I see my error in understanding thanks to understanding Daniel! PRAISE GOD!!!!
    I have you noticed that the “666” in Greek is actually the Arabic characters for “In the name of Allah”?? I ran across this information from another source. They say that Revelation 13:18 should read as this “Here is a riddle, let him that hath understanding determine, or decide, the multitude of the beast; for it is a multitude of man and this multitude is in the name of Allah, to serve.” They call it the Bismillah which represents swearing one’s allegiance to Allah. And there are pictures of muslims with these characters on their head wraps and tattooed on their hand. So in Greek, as you showed it represents Christ our Messiah, but in Arabic, Satan’s counterfeit, is represents Allah. It is interesting to note that 666 is the number for man, in this case many men, who will enforce worship of the first beast, which is Roman Pope? I would really like to hear your feedback on this. I can email you a picture of what I am talking about if that is helpful, but if you have a Greek Hebrew Interlinear Bible, you can see the Greek characters for 666 do look very similar to the Arabic characters. Which is astounding, b/c Satan is doing everything in his power to portray a deceitful reflection of Jesus Christ. The puzzle pieces are coming together in this jumbled apostate mess we find ourselves in.

    God bless…Please let me know what you think! The time of the Lord is at hand…I have seen the massive deception of the church for the last 4 years, and the occult and the false Jews, and I have never been able to reconcile it all in the bible to make anysense on what is going on, until understanding Daniel 9:26-27. So thank you for putting your resources out there! Also, what are your thoughts on Trump’s Peace Deal? Did you realize MAGA represents the 5th level of Satanism??? Millions of Christians love this president. I am astounded, surely the day of the Lord is coming swiftly.

  2. The Muslim “prophet” was inspired by the demonic to write. He took practices from the main religions at the time to make it more appealing. You can see mock catholicism everywhere, since it was the christian world at that time. Consider reading the prophet’s early life to see how he was influenced. The evil one always mimics using some truth. It helps to understand what is coming next by getting this fact correct.


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