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This Islam In Bible Prophecy post features a video from Dr. John Barnett of Discover the Book Ministries DTBM, called COULD THE ANTICHRIST RISE FROM ISLAM? REVELATION 13 & ISLAM’S COMING SAVIOR CALLED MAHDI

Video description: Many believers aren’t aware of how much Islam does teach about Jesus. The best way to know is to look at Islamic Eschatology. Yes, Islam has quite a well defined doctrine about the future which amazingly includes a return to earth of Jesus.

Dr. John Barnett of DTBM says that in Matthew 24, Messiah is giving us a map of the future. 

Messiah is pointing to the judgment of the Jewish nation because the leaders continued in their rebellion against the Heavenly Father and sought to kill Him. Read Matthew 23 to see the context of the Olivet Discourse, as Messiah rebuked the Jewish leaders and said that judgment was coming upon them in that generation.

Messiah is not pointing to the end-times as Dr. John Barnett teaches.

Read The Olivet Discourse Deception

Dr. John Barnett of DTBM says to not listen to people who misrepresent God’s Word.

Well, John Barnett is misrepresenting the explanation of the 70th weeks of Daniel 9, Messiah’s Olivet Discourse and Messiah’s apocalyptic vision in Revelation; so based on that we should not listen to him!

Sadly, this is true about most pastors today as the enemy has misled the end-times church.

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Dr. John Barnett of DTBM points to what 1.8 billion Muslims believe, that is against God’s Word.

The false religion of Islam was created by Catholic priests of the antichrist beast Pope, to cause Arabs to not believe in the Gospel. Islam now deceives 1.8 billion people and Catholic Romanism deceives 1.3 billion people, which is 3.1 billion people. This is the grand deception of the iron-clay feet of the statue in Daniel 2!

Read Daniel 2 Iron Clay Feet

Dr. John Barnett of DTBM points to a futuristic one-man antichrist.

This is a false narrative as the office of the papacy, the Popes of Rome, fulfill Bible prophecy as the ‘little horn’ of Daniel 7, the ‘son of perdition’ of 2 Thessalonians 2, and the ‘antichrist beast’ of Revelation 13, who leads the ‘harlot’ church of Rome.

Read Prophecy Points To The Leader Of The Roman Beast Study

Dr. John Barnett of DTBM says that description of Islamic antichrist is the person in Revelation 13  

This is an absurd statement, as there’s no way to account for all of the details of Revelation 13:1-10 with an Islamic end-times antichrist.

The Revelation 13 sea beast phase of the Roman beast kingdom describes the Popes of Rome rising to power over the sea of people of the ten kingdoms of the fallen Roman Empire. They reigned in power from 1260 years, from 538-1798, and banned and burned the Scriptures and persecuted the saints during the Dark Ages and Inquisition.

Read Revelation 13 – The Roman Sea Beast Phase

Dr. John Barnett of Discover the Book Ministries teaches a false, futuristic fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel 9, the Olivet Discourse and the prophecies in Revelation.

The 70th week of Daniel 9 is about Messiah’s ministry and His blood sacrifice as the Spotless Lamb to atone for our sins. It has nothing to do with the antichrist or the end times.

The Olivet Discourse foretold the events that would lead to the desolation of Jerusalem, the second temple and the Jewish nation; as punishment for the Jewish leaders continuing in rebellion against the Heavenly Father and for delivering His Son up to be killed. It has nothing to do with the antichrist or the end times.

Most of the prophecies in Revelation have been fulfilled in exacting detail during the last 1,900 years. It describes the historical narrative of the Satan-empowered leaders of the Roman beast kingdom (pagan Emperors > antichrist beast Popes > false prophet Jesuit Superior Generals) fighting against Messiah and His saints.

The explanations of Dr. John Barnett of Discover the Book Ministries serve to deflect blame away from the enemy in Rome, and to mislead the end-times saints so that they’re not prepared for how the end-times will play out, and don’t know the context of Messiah’s return.

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