The Roman Catholic Church And Islam Connection Studies

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This Iron-Clay Feet Of Daniel 2 study series focuses on how the Muslims have been connected to the Roman Catholic Church since the 7th century. In this prophecy fulfillment study you will learn that in the 7th century.

The Roman bishops wrote the Qur’an, with beliefs that are similar to Catholicism. They both revere the virgin Mary. Muslim women and nuns are covered up in black. They both revere the sun and moon gods. They both have prayer beads, pilgrimages, have holy wars and believe in killing heretics.

The Roman Bishops propped up Mohammed as the prophet of Islam, with the help of his wife, who was a Catholic, and her cousin who was also a Catholic. They caused him to have visions in a cave, and perhaps be demonically possessed.

They used the Muslims to kill Jews and believers, to conquer territories and to capture Jerusalem.

Daniel 2 speaks of the iron-clay feet, which represents the iron of Rome mingling and mixing with another people group, the Arabs. The antichrist beast Popes had recently rose to power out of the fallen Roman Empire, and they didn’t have an army, so they used the Muslims to wage war against their enemies.

The Strong’s word for both mingle and mixed is 6151 arab. Aramaic 6151 arab corresponds to Hebrew 6148 arab – is a primative root, meaning ‘to braid, to intermix.’ Hebrew 6152 arab is derived from 6150, and it signifies the land of Arabia. Hebrew 6154 ereb is derived from 6148, and signifies a ‘web of cloth’, also a mixture (or mongrel race), and especially the people of Arabia, a ‘mingled people’ or ‘mixed multitude’. Hebrew 6163 arabee is derived from 6152, and signifies ‘an Arab or inhabitant of Arabia’.

Abraham mingled with the Egyptian handmaiden Hagar to produce the Arab race through the twelve tribes of Ishmael. This fulfilled the Father’s promise to Hagar that they would become a great nation.  The Israelites were the clay in the Father’s hands, the Ishmaelites were the miry clay that came from Abraham’s seed.

The clay represents the Arabs, who became the great Ottoman Empire, who worked with the Roman Catholic Church, to control the lands previously occupied by the Roman Empire. They both killed Messiah’s saints and Jews, but they have also warred with each other during the Crusades, as they don’t mix well.

Satan has empowered the Roman beast to try to eliminate the Scriptures and the Saints, the two witnesses against him and his Roman Catholic Church.

The Satan-empowered Roman beast has changed forms over the years from the Roman Emperors, which killed million of saints; to the sea beast of Revelation 13, the antichrist Popes of Rome, who killed over 50 million saints; to the Superior General (the Black Pope) led earth beast of Revelation 13, who will seek to eliminate all followers of Messiah in their New World Order.

In order for the Jesuits to create their New World Order, they must control the money supply of every country.

In recent years, they use 9/11 to create the supposed War On Terror against Muslims, to justify the American military invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, both of which now have a Jesuit Rothchild Central Bank, like the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.

They used Al Qaeda to help overthrow Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, and now Libya has a Jesuit Rothchild Central Bank. This is why Syria and Iran are in the cross-hairs, because they have not bowed down to the authority of the Jesuits.

The Jesuits covertly train, arm and fund, Al Qaeda and ISIS rebels, through the CIA, Mossad and Saudi Arabia.

These radical Muslims are being used to kill believers as part of the Jesuits continued Holy Inquisition; to incite WW III between Muslim countries and Israel; and to push the world into their New World Order.

Then the world will cry out for “peace and safety” and the Jesuits will gladly offer their New World Order as the solution.  They will offer to end wars between religious groups, with their One World religion. And the true followers of Messiah, who won’t bow down to their authority, will become the enemy of the world.

I pray that you will seek the Holy Spirit for guidance, as these teachings are in contrast to what most prophecy teachers are saying. The enemy has created many false explanations of Bible prophecy fulfillment, to confuse the saints, and to deflect blame away from the antichrist beast Popes.

David Nikao Wilcoxson

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15 thoughts on “The Roman Catholic Church And Islam Connection Studies”

  1. The uncut stone that destroys the statue is clearly called out as Jesus. My belief is that it was fulfilled in Jesus’ first coming. When Jesus came the Hebrew priesthood was ended and caused the end of all sacrifices in the temple. Rome was already using Arab military forces during AD70 because they were spread too thin. This has already occurred. Read Josephus. AD70 was a very significant event in biblical prophecy. I have not yet figured out what all was fulfilled by this event, but it is clear at least some of the prophecies were fully fulfilled during AD70. I fear you are applying to the future what has already passed. I am still confused on what is yet unfulfilled and what is done, but it seems clear to me Daniel’s statue was to forewarn Israel that God was going to end their exclusive Hebrew priesthood, and that time would come when Rome colluding with the Arab nations would destroy the temple. I also believe the 144,000 were already sent. It was the Hebrew Christians who listened to Jesus and fled to the mountains instead of seeking shelter inside of Jerusalem.

    • Wow Greg! I sent the email an hour ago, and you’re proclaiming that I’m wrong about all sorts of things. I don’t have time to answer all of your emails, to justify my explanations. I’ve already shared all that I believe on my websites, so you can read them. Do I pretend to be right about everything? Of course not, but have you read all of my explanations?

      I teach the fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel, which points to Messiah’s ministry and the punishment for the Jews who rejected Him, on this website.

      I teach the fulfillment of Messiah Olivet Discourse, which led to the desolation of Jerusalem, the temple and the Jewish nation in 70 AD, on this website.

      And I teach the fulfillment of Revelation, which has been taking place since it was written, on this website.

  2. Goodday. I would like to find a complete study regarding revelation 11, if available.I am sorry for the unrelated reply from this page, the page where you touch on it has no reply option (“”).
    It has been several weeks searching for a sensible explanation of the 2 witnesses that fit the bill for every detail mentioned in the chapter.

    • Dawn, the commenting seems to be working on the Revelation Timeline Decoded website, so I’m not sure why you can’t comment. I don’t have a study about the 7 horns and 7 eyes, as it’s pointing to Messiah the Lamb. My studies focus on the fulfillment of the prophecies. Thanks for the link! David

  3. “”So who are the seven witnesses of the seven seals? They are the seven churches represented by the seven candlesticks. Each candlestick in each generation represents another witness. And once the faithful witness of the work of Christ is established by every church in these generations, another seal may be loosed, until the seven Spirit-filled generations are complete and entire.””

    do you feel the churches line up with the opening of the seals?

  4. Good day, I would just like to encourage everyone to keep your eyes on JESUS! Ant- christ will attempt to change times and season and his spirit has been here for a very very long time. We our not in the season they say we are. Pray every day and seek the LORD for he shows us.


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